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Babbers22 about 11 hours ago

Avocado Toast

It is the Best!!!

Calibeachlife 3 days ago

Chicken Artichoke Spinach

This is the a delicious sandwich. I have had it twice now and just love it.

Cbrenson123 4 days ago

Breakfast Tacos

Every time I visit Butter, I go with the intention of trying something new (to me) on the menu. But...I just can't. These tacos are to die for. I love them with the turkey's the perfect ratio of all the ingredients. I always feel great after my meal and can't wait to come back and get them again!

Allenychen 15 days ago

The Farm

I go to Butter all the time, but can't believe I didn't try this one before! Very nice and meaty sandwich with great taste. The fried chicken was crispy and juicy, and the prosciutto adds a lot of flavor to it all!

Stroma311 22 days ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

This burrito is big and delicious. The tots added a nice crispy touch, and it wasn't sloppy to eat at all. I highly recommend.

Tonimarie.August about 1 month ago

Tiramisu Waffle

The first time I went to Butters Cafe, I was completely hooked on the Tiramisu Waffle! I am now looking to plan my Baby Shower to be catered by Butters Cafe.

J.Marchillo about 2 months ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

This is a really really good breakfast burrito. The black beans are a super nice touch and the salsa and sour cream really top it off nicely.

Emock about 2 months ago

Huevos Rancheros

Food was fabulous. But hard to enjoy with very high volume of ambient noise hard to have a conversation. Enjoyed food very much and service would suggest adding some sound absorption products to walls and ceilings to deaden sound.

Joshua 3 months ago

Croque Monsieur

This the best Croque Monsieur I have ever had. I always get a side of over easy eggs to make it the dish richer.

Chalo232628 3 months ago

Butterproof Espresso

Best coffee in San Dimas and surrounding cities, hands down.

Amanda 3 months ago

Vegan Burger

I loved how the burger was crispy yet soft in the middle. Best Beyond burger I've had so far.

Crisolve10 3 months ago

Biscuits & Gravy

First time at this cafe and it was amazing! The flavors are wonderful and everything is well seasoned! So excited for the Upland location!

Buckcronin6 4 months ago

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate and crumb coffee cake. Both were awesome. The crumb cake had a swirl of chocolate in it that was so yummy! Eager to return again soon to try a meal. Very nice place with friendly atmosphere!

Beltranlourdes2006 4 months ago

Avocado Toast

Love the avocado toast!

Salvicm22 4 months ago

Roasted Veggie

Best veggie sandwich I've ever had! I'd have it everyday if I could. Love the fries that come with it too.

Guest 4 months ago


It was delicious and I keep craving more.

Guest 8 months ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

Very good

Aridoloso about 13 hours ago

Pork Belly Tacos

I have been going to this place since it was opened and I absolutely love it. They care for their customers and their food is amazing. Anything you get you wont regret eating. I am in love with their Chai Iced Tea and always go back for it and get a new dish.

Cbrenson123 4 days ago

Roasted Veggie

LOVED! The veggies were roasted to perfection. The feta gave the sandwich the perfect "tang." I'm always on the hunt for a good veggie sandwich...definitely my favorite I've had in many years. I ordered on wheat toast, but I'm sure any bread would be amazing. I felt great after I ate it and proud that I got some veggie servings in!

Nzafuto 6 days ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

Delicious! Chorizo was perfect. Salsa added just the right zest. Definitely on my go-to list!

Allenychen 21 days ago

Fish and Chips

Very good fish and chips. You get 3 large pieces of fish, tartar sauce, and choice of side. Crispy on the outside, nice and flaky on the inside.

Allenychen 23 days ago

Bleu Butter Special

Super tasty burger with lots of flavors. Whenever my wife and I have cravings for a burger, we almost always go for a Bleu Butter Special. Juicy and meaty patty, and the bleu cheese is not overwhelming. Try it and see for yourself!

Zara about 1 month ago

Breakfast Tacos

I was there months ago and still dream about the chorizo breakfast tacos. Cilantro mojo is spectacular! Taking my mom and kids there tomorrow before school starts!

Jon584g about 2 months ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

Terrific burrito would love to come back and try some more on the menu!

Jackielacosta 2 months ago


Best pesto sandwich ever!

Bostonblu94 3 months ago

Challah French Toast

It is amazing. I want more whip cream

Amanda 3 months ago

Tater Tots

Always crispy and hot!

Amanda 3 months ago

Chipotle Ranch

The chipotle ranch dressing is soooo good!

Jennifer.Cole212 4 months ago

Eggs Benedict

Very good benedict. Eggs cooked perfectly. The tots though are my fav. Very crisp and great flavor. I also love their drinks. I've had the chai and matcha. Very good quality.

Alie11 4 months ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

Such a good and hearty breakfast burrito!! Add tater tots on the side and you're set! Soo good!!

Vvb0831 4 months ago


Very fresh and delicious

Tallrobert1 4 months ago

Butter Special Breakfast Burrito

I absolutely love the breakfast with Chorizo! The chorizo is not greasy AT ALL and the burrito tastes amazing.

Kmbrly Mendoza 5 months ago

Eggs Benedict

I have ordered the eggs benedict twice and both times have really enjoyed them. Seasoned potatoes as the side are always delicious as well.


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