Meet Heather and Ryan

The concept of friends Ryan Buan and Heather Sulaeman, both Southern California natives who met working at various high end restaurants in LA, Butter Café & Bakery is quickly becoming acclaimed for its high quality food and warm service. With a shared desire to open a local, artisan bakery and café where friends, family and food lovers could come together in a casual atmosphere, Butter gives San Dimas residents a place to experience fresh pastries, specialty coffees and innovative, satisfying comfort foods. Butter is all about spreading goodness.

Heather and Ryan strive to provide every guest that visits Butter an inviting, delectable, comforting experience. Both have a passion for cooking, hiking, exploring the outdoors and of course, comfort foods such as mac and cheese and traditional bacon and egg breakfasts. Be sure to say hi to Ryan and Heather on your next visit to Butter.

Spreading Goodness.